Humanity is alive in the valley even if human lives have lost count.

BISMAH MALIK,SRINAGAR, Aug 17: Humanity does not sleep, does it? And the worst times only consolidate the fact that human beings come forward to help each other. The past few curfewed months in the valley have brought forth many such cases where humanity counts above everything else.

From makeshift hospitals, arranging langars, donating money to even offering shelter, Kashmiris have exemplified extraordinary human values amid some extreme conditions.

One such case of indomitable courage was shown by a bunch of Saida Kadal residents who helped save a life even in absence of proper medical assistance. A teenager boy who received severe head injuries in one of the stone pelting incidents at Rainawari few days back could not be taken to hospital as the CRPF and police personnel stationed nearby did not allow for the same.

However this reluctance on part of security forces motivated the Saida Kdal residents and they inturn found a local compounder who performed a mini sugery on the injured boy’s head inside a grocery shop.

“ With all possible first aid medical equipments we could collect , we decided to have this small operation done by the compunder. Taking him to the nearby hospital would not have been possible since the CRPF personnel prohibited any kind of vehicular movement even in emergency situations”, narrated Ghulam Hassan, a local.

On one hand, while deaths are being averted by the public initiative , there is an individualistic effort on the other hand which is making people connect with each other.

A telecom company dealer Irfan who is only supposed to direct his subscribers to the nearest recharge outlet is performing some zealous work by actually helping the needy subscribers recharge their phones with his own money.

The SMSes being delivered to the subscribers that they can contact Irfan to enquire about any recharge information , sometimes end up with people requesting him to recharge their phones in case of no outlet around.

And for past many days, Irfan has been shelling out his own money , and recharging the phones of the unknown people who call him under emergency situations.

He said, “ Sometimes, I do get calls when people ask me to recharge their phones because the nearest outlets are closed. Even though, I am not supposed to pay anything of my own, but when the situation demands, and people have little options, I do not mind spending my own money”.

These rare examples of puttig oneself aside and jumping to help others are now becoming day to day tales here.

Any vicinity around a hospital witnesses huge rush of patients and attendants who grab their Sehri and Iftaar foods from the langars the residents organize. This happens daily twice in almost all such localities.

A Karan Nagar resident Junaid added, “ In this pious month of Ramazan, it is obligatory for us to help each other. Hence, when our brothers and sisters are not able to break their fast or have Sehri, we would always help them”.

Such wonderful humane stories keep cropping up in different corners of the valley, even if humans have lost their count here.

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